GBS Solutions Corporation

We are committed to achieving excellence by delivering cost-effective services and exceeding customer expectations.

We support multiple federal civilian and defense agencies, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Science Foundation, US Census Bureau, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Air Force.

Engineering excellence in Technology Support, Program Management, and Air Force Depot Expertise.

Facilitate innovative, impactful, and cost-effective management consulting for multiple federal civilian and defense agencies.


Our solutions and services

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Learning (DL)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Wireless Channels
  • Computer Facility (CF)
  • Operations
  • Customer Service Support (Helpdesk/Service Desk)
  • Cybersecurity
  • System Administration (Linux, Windows, Office 365, etc.)
  • Software Engineering
  • Program Management and Operations Support
  • Financial Application Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Development, Modernization and Enhancement Support
  • IT Modernization and Optimization
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Mitigation and Support
  • Aviation Depot Support
  • Respirator Operational Performance, Maintenance, and Distribution
  • Visual Communication, Support (design, layout, color, infographic development., etc.)
  • Management, Program Planning, and Production Support

GBS Dakota IT, an SBA-approved 8(a) joint venture between two small businesses, GBS Solutions Corporation and Dakota Consulting, Inc., is your trusted 8(a) STARS III GWAC business partner recipient.

Unlocking Innovation through STARS GWAC: Your Best-in-Class Path to Emerging Technologies with a $50 Billion Ceiling.

Contract No.
GSA STARS III Contract No.

Ordering Period:
July 2, 2021 – July 1, 2026, with one 3-year option

Program Manager Alan Kaplan | (301) 461-8843

Who we Serve

Multiple federal civilian and defense agencies.

Meet our Leadership Team

Our experienced, dedicated workforce is our most valuable asset.

Cromwell Rabi
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Alan Kaplan, President, GBS Dakota IT STARS III Program Manager

James Reed
Chief Operating Officer

Nick Wallmark
Vice President

Cara Lennon
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Matthew Hoagberg
Vice President of Programs and Cyber Solutions

Our Joint Ventures

Strategic joint ventures enhance our capabilities for tailored client success.

Est. July 2020

We established GBS Dakota IT, LLC in partnership with Dakota Consulting, Inc. to deliver cost-effective, world-class, and innovative IT support solutions.

Est. July 2022

GBS-Sabre Innovative Solutions, LLC, in partnership with Sabre Systems, Inc., delivers a comprehensive suite of digital transformation, enterprise data management, systems and software engineering, and cybersecurity solutions.

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